April 15, 2013

Weekend Basics

Saturday morning we woke up early to the sounds of music and cheering as the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10k got started. This year was sunny and beautiful, perfect for the runners, compared with last year's overcast race. Tim and I walked over to watch the runners, in hopes of catching a glimpse of some of our family and friends participating this year...

Basil enjoyed meeting (sniffing) other puppy friends, basking in the sun and generally hamming it up in front of everyone:

We also just love getting a chance to see all the different costumes and team outfit collaborations people come up with to run the race in. This year we spotted everyone from the entire Duck Dynasty crew (2 different sets) to the whistling VCU police team and a quick glimpse of big foot:


After the 10K, Tim headed over to take part in this year's South of The James Farmer's Market vendor meeting:

The Richmond Food Co-op will be at the market on and off during the summer promoting membership drives, so it was fun for Tim to get a peek from the vendor side of how this favorite RVA market of ours works.

Saturday evening we had tickets for the Richmond Forum and got a chance to get a little gussied to go see Dr. Jane Goodall speak about her life and work as a primatologist and conservationist:

Her words were very inspiring to say the least as she reminded everyone in the audience of the importance of doing work in whatever it is you love, supporting your children's curiosities and interests as parents and teachers, and that however small the acts of one person might be, that by everyone "doing their small bit" we can make big changes and innovations in the way we treat the earth.

This forum series is something we've really enjoyed getting the chance to see and feel lucky to have something so enriching here in Richmond.

On the food front, we've got full on spring happening in the kitchen!

From edamame to deviled eggs and chicken, we certainly didn't go hungry. Look for these recipes from Tim coming soon to E.A.T., Lot18, and Relay Foods.

We've also been taking care of a few exterior updates on the house now that the weather's warmed up. One of our neighbors is a professional painter and agreed to shimmy up the ladder between the tight wall space on the side of our house to scrape, caulk, prime and paint the windows:

What's funny is, since we don't have the ownership access on this side of the house, it's one of the few times we've ever even seen this wall of our home. Talk about being close to your neighbors, right!? 

Sunday was low key, filled with some cooking and bag packing. I'm headed up to NYC this week while Tim holds the fort down in RVA with Basil. I'm looking forward to working in the Etsy office space and getting see a few of these familiar faces:

One day Tim and I hope to be able to bring Basil up for a visit of his own. As an added perk I'm going to get to pick up my wedding dress while I'm in town! Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow. That is close! My husband is a painted and I just don't know if he would get in between those walls! Crazy close. Are you going to Kleinfeld's for your dress!?!?


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