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Using Cinemagram

Our favorite ham-bone, still waking up from an afternoon nap...

Notice something a little different about that photo? Yeah, we thought so...that's what we're itching to share with you today as we head into the weekend.

Now that we've had a little over a week to get used to our new iPhones, we've been having fun downloading and exploring new-to-us apps. A huge 17Apart golf clap goes out to all of you that suggested apps you can't live without — you've made our lives so much easier already! We already mentioned WAY back when wanting to use Instagram and as you can see we've been doing just that (here & here).

Side Note: doesn't it always happen this way — the second we decide to go with the iPhone, they release Instagram for Droid (not that we got them just for that app, but it was pretty funny).

Today's post centers around one new-to-us app we found and are currently having a love affair with. Yes, both of us, at the same time — that makes it OK, right?

Behold, Cinemagram. Oh Cinemagram, how you stole our hearts with your eerily amazing animated gif-making abilities and drew us in hook line & sinker with your free download...

It definitely takes a couple tries to get the hang of and these YouTube tutorials for how to use the app were a big help — but once you've got it, you're hooked. We'll let the photos — ahem, cines — do the talking from here on out.

More scenes from our time at the Monument Avenue 10k...

 My view of the Marina from the Crown Plaza on a recent work trip to Hampton VA...

 The downtown F train coming into the station in NYC...

Fireworks from last night's Flying Squirrel's big home season opener (taken up in the attic rafters of our home, no less)...

 And finally, my Mary, batting those puuuurdy lashes...

Intrigued as much as we are? Check out the Cinemagram Tumblr for more inspiring images and let us know if you give it a whirl!


  1. Wild! Thanks for this post. I think my fav. above is the view of the runners, it is splendid. Sorry Mary, but you kind of look creepy! hahaha

  2. I love the train! Cannot wait to try this- very excited:-)

    1. Such a great app - thanks Katie! Link us up to some of yours once you give it a whirl!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

      I hope it's ok that I linked to yours on mine. Great Rainy Day Fun- Thank you!

    4. Whoa! Katie these are incredible - love the little washer, too cute! Def think that candle is our fave.

  3. I can't wait to play with this app! Thanks! First I've heard of it!

    1. NewNomads - def keep us posted, we'd love to see some moving waves from Isla!!

  4. My cinegram doesnt let mw repost or like any photos! It does it and they undoes itself. Help?

  5. Can you undo likes?

  6. I accidentally reported something while trying to figure out the app. How do I delete that repost?

  7. Just downloaded the app today and I'm wondering how to find the gif for the cinemagram I created. All I see is the mp4 file. Perhaps the app has changed since you last written about it since this is an old post. Any clues? Thanks!


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