July 31, 2018

Beach Getaway: Our Trip to Oak Island, North Carolina

Last week we ventured off on a little getaway. It was just the two of us (the first in a while!) and we stayed in a cozy little beach town in North Carolina that neither of us had been to before. Despite the rain, we made the most of a week away from home and cherish the memories we made. Today I've put together handful of our favorite vacation snaps if you'd like to see...

July 25, 2018

Our Historic Kitchen Renovation: Waiting for the Dust to Settle

Over the last 8 weeks, we've been in the midst of a full remodel and reconfiguration of our kitchen to accommodate our ideal use for the space along with our dream design. Last we checked in, we were eager to get the process started and anticipating how we'd survive without a kitchen for a 3-4 week stretch. We knew there would likely be surprises to come and our amazing team of local specialists even prepared us with the notion that renovations can be like weddings in that there's always some sort of challenge — it's just a matter of what and when...

July 16, 2018

Etsy Edit: Shopping Small on Prime Day

With all the excitement around Amazon Prime day, it's easy to get caught up in the hype — and trust me, we have our cart filled with a few staples we're ready to pull the trigger on when the sales launch later today. That said, I wanted to shift gears and share a handful of finds that are currently catching my eye on Etsy in support of special, and those small businesses that aren't slowing down their creativity, hustle or grind... in celebration of all the things that can't be mass produced and while still a good value, their worth isn't driven by price.

July 9, 2018

DIY Art "Makeunder" for Our Front Sitting Room

Sources: Leather chairs | Curtains | Bookcases —> diy template | PhotographyAli Williamson

Let's talk about the art in our front sitting room. It's the first time in too many years to count that I pulled out my set of art school paint brushes and channeled my inner creative side in this way. The best part? These paintings were simple to make thanks to a helpful tip I tried that not only saved us a ton of money but changed the way I think about making art...
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