June 21, 2018

First Look: Front Room Reveal + The Chairs That Started It All

What started back in April when our son made the official move into his own apartment has evolved into a completely refreshed front sitting room where our home office used to be! It's quickly become our favorite "hang" spot and excuse for Tim to keep adding to his growing record collection (any excuse will do, really).

If you follow us on Instagram, you've seen some of the sneak peeks of this room's evolution already and today we thought it would be fun to kick off the reveal by sharing more about the leather chairs that sparked our inspiration for the entire design of this new space.

For context, this room sits directly off the front entry. It's the very first thing you'll see after entering the front door, so we wanted to create something that reflects our style as the first impression and welcome to all who enter our home.

We also set out to design a room we want to spend time in, with pieces that beg us to come sit, relax and unwind. We didn't want anything that felt stuffy or formal, so fell pretty hard the moment we set eyes on these leather chairs.

They're called the Thetis chair from Article and ooze with mid century character, have a luxe appeal and just beg to be curled up in with a book, computer and dare I say, a glass of wine (or scotch, in Tim's case) —  which happens to be exactly what I'm doing as I write this post.

While it was the design and tan coloring of the chairs that drew us in, we were pleasantly surprised by how durable the construction is — something that will certainly stand up to the test of time.

With the chairs to anchor the room, we had our starting point to design the rest of the space around. It was actually the configuration of the second product image on the Article website that helped me build a loose vision for the colors and textures to layer in around them. The palette ended up a mix of creams, brass and woods with pops of black throughout. You can see more inspiration pics, my entire planning process and vision for the room in this post.

While this front room of ours has taken about 3 months in total to complete, the decision to make these chairs a focal point in the space was one of the easiest parts. After hunting around, they ended up being the most budget friendly versions of this style we found available, were in stock and arrived within 2 weeks of ordering for a flat $49 shipping fee. I don't know about you, but when ordering furniture, I always find it hard to stomach the typical $200 delivery fee from other stores that's never included in "sitewide" free shipping promotions. Well played, Article, well played.

We've come a long way in here and it's nice to be at the stage where we're enjoying the downstairs parlor the way it was originally meant to be. If you're curious, you can take a look back at how this room used to look, along with all of the restorative work that went into getting it where it is today.

Thanks so much for checking in on us today. We partnered with Article to bring you today's first look at our front room and can't say enough great things about their quality of furniture and service. All of the images in today's post were captured by our talented friend and photographer, Ali Williamson of Alisandra Photography. Look for the full room reveal with a master list of sources here on the blog early next week!

Discover More: For even more on this room, catch up on the background details into what sparked the makeover, a behind the scenes look into the renovations it needed first, this simple change we made that opened up the room and this mood board for the full design inspiration.

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  1. AHHHH these chairs are amazing! Such a beautiful parlor room you have!

    xo, Sincerely Colleen


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