June 5, 2018

Etsy Edit: Father's Day Gift Ideas

With Father's Day just around the corner, this month's edit is dedicated to showing all the father figures out there how loved and appreciated they are. Whether he's a foodie, tech lover, sentimentalist, fashionable guy or all of these rolled into one — we've rounded up all of the fun gift ideas topping our lists for Dad this year.
Topping my list is this "now playing" record display. I bought one for Tim earlier in the year and we both love it as a way to not only keep track of the vinyl that's spinning but how it does double duty as a piece of wall art. Easily, Dad approved!

- + - + TECH LOVERS + - + -
Leather and wood have a way of oozing instant cool factor and I'm loving the unique ways they add a personal touch to everything from portable speakers to Apple watch bands.

- + - + FOODIES + - + -
Instead of the traditional coffee mug or grilling tools, go for a little bit of the unexpected this year — a handmade coffee scoop he'll use daily, a pair of matching mugs that spark a laugh or an apron that suits his personality like no other.

- + - + SENTIMENTALISTS + - + -
Sweet words and mementos get him every time. I'm loving these wooden cards as a more permanent keepsake and fun little helpers like a photo display or gift that can travel wherever he may be. I might event need a set of these dice for myself!

- + - + FASHIONABLE DADS + - + -
I recently learned the term "mandle," as in "man-candle" and have been pleasantly surprised at how many guys in my life are into these new outdoorsy or boozy scents. These and other clever ways to let Dad wear his heart on his sleeve — even dog dads (!) — are sure to bring a smile.

Looking for more ideas? Hop on over to Etsy's gift guide filled with even more Father's Day gifts as original as he is.

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