May 14, 2018

Mood Board: Historic Modern Sitting Room

Over the last several weeks we've been working on a front room makeover after deciding to move our office from this space to an upstairs room. Now that all the renovations and painting portions are complete, we're so ready to decorate.

Overall, I'm going for what I'll call a historic modern vibe, similar to the way we approached the style our master and dining room. Because we painted the walls in a moodier hue, my plan is to go lighter and brighter with the pieces we bring back in to balance things out. Everything we're looking at combines neutral colors, textured materials and a few pops of black to compliment the fireplace mantle and radiator we have in the front room.

I put together a mood board to share how the design is coming together and the fun news is, we've already begun buying some of the pieces to get things started (hello nesting tables, new rug and spider ceiling fixture!).

Can't you just picture it? When working on the design of a new space, it always helps me to collect my thoughts and inspiration in a single place. I've been using this Pinterest board to organize my ideas for the front room and after time, it all just clicks.

We drew inspiration for this room from two main sources, the first being this bedroom design by Erin Kestenbaum (<---- everything she touches is magic!). While her design is a bedroom, the moody walls and the mix of historic character with modern accents is exactly the feel we're going for in our front room. Plus, this light fixture is everything. Everything. I bought it immediately after seeing it hanging from this ceiling medallion just like we have. The only downside is we have to wait until the first week in June for it to arrive.

For the furniture, I was drawn to the neutral vibe this Article configuration has going on. We love the mid century style of these Thetis leather chairs and how they stand out as a focal point against the lighter hues of the sofa and marble top table. It was this image that helped me begin to picture colors and build out a design around the chairs we're planning to get.

Via Article

I feel like we're finally at the stage where everything is coming together — and while it will have taken quite a while to complete, it will be so worth it in the end!

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