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Etsy Edit: Storage + Organization

With each new year comes a renewed desire to clean up, clear out and organize — once and for all! While deep down the truth of the matter is there's never a once and for all, this time of year is always a solid starting ground for the best of intentions. I don't know about you, but I'm always more motivated to stay organized when I have beautiful systems in place that meet both form and function. I love storage solutions that fit seamlessly into the look and feel of a space, that can lend just as much to the decor as the job it's meant to do.

So! In the spirit of wrangling ALL the clutter, I've rounded up a collection of beautiful storage solutions that are both hardworking and filled charm. You can find every last one on Etsy, made from independent designers in rich natural materials like fiber, wood, metal and leather.

One can never have enough baskets in my book — and those that look just as good as the job they do concealing the chaos are all winners. Right now, I'm really into black and white patterns and neutral hues that play up texture.

Jewelry organization is a never-ending challenge around here. I'm fairly minimal when it comes to everyday jewelry and like to keep those pieces within immediate reach. I'm loving these minimal ways to display a handful of your favorite pieces — and can we just take a moment to bask in the cuteness of this sweet little otter ring dish?

What a helpful little guy! The best part? This happy ring dish also comes in a couples' version and complete family set.

Leather is one of those classic finishes that seems to give everything it touches an elevated look and feel. I'm loving leather right now for tech organization and am completely falling for it as a new hardware material like drawer and cabinet pulls. The phone wallet below is the exact version I carry and how perfect would this little geometric heart be for helping your Valentine stay organized this year?

In the midst of tech everything, there's something about a physical planner to jot notes in that helps keep me grounded. And while we're talking priorities, a good wine rack to keep bottles off the counter but still within reach is my kind of storage solution.

Finally, it's little things like photos, keys, and records that tend to pile up around here if we're not careful — but I'm guessing we're not the only ones that misplace keys on a regular basis, am I right? Loving the idea of a storage box to contain loose photos and the magnetic key holder — genius!

What about you? Does organizing come naturally or is it something you have to work at like us? Any favorite systems you've come across that meet form & function? Let us know in the comments section below — we'd love to know what's working for you!

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  1. Oh Mary, thank you so much for featuring my PERCH Jewelry Holder!! Your appreciation of my work, even after all these years, is really great! :) (And gosh, that otter is the cutest thing ever!!)


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