August 28, 2017

Before & After: Painting Our Carriage House

We recently gave the facade of our carriage house out back a quick update and boy is she looking sweet! Since updating the front of our house with a paint refresh this past autumn, we've wanted to update this back space to match.

Our carriage house is a single car garage made up primarily of brick with a small wood facade and a standard door. This entire facade area would have originally been an opening concealed by a sliding door on rails, like a barn door, large enough for a horse drawn carriage to enter and exit (hence the name). 

We love the idea of bringing this area on the garage back to the original sliding door, however; for the time being, we wanted to give it a simpler facelift to clean it up and tie it back with matching colors from the main house.

You may remember we'd updated the exterior of our home this past autumn with a fresh coat of paint in a gray, white and black color scheme.

We originally chose the color scheme because it falls under our neighborhood's historic district guidelines, but quickly fell in love with how it turned out. The gray is Sherwin Williams' Colonial Gray, complemented by bright white trim and a high gloss black to keep it simple, clean and classic.

While we opted to have the front of the house painted professionally, we felt confident using the leftover paint to give this smaller space out back a matching update.

As a reminder, here's a pic of how it looked before. This is a snap back from Stephanie's graduation party that shows the older paint job in white:

The update turned out to be a fairly quick and simple undertaking — I painted the facade and trim, then Mary finished everything off by painting the door black.

It makes a difference, right? Subtle, but clean and cohesive. This was definitely one of those projects that was quick, a big impact and has us left wondering why we didn't tackle it sooner.

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  1. Lovely paint job - clean and classic to be sure... I Also enjoyed reading about the trellis you created for the wisteria vine... so Im curious now about the wrought iron on the right of your doorway ~ another trellis ~ perhaps for a climber of another sort?
    Also wanted to say how DIVINE Basil's bday cake was!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. That wrought iron (on the right) was purchased for $5 at a yard sale and we are still debating what to do with it. Ideas welcome!

      Best, Tim and Mary

  2. The subtle nuance of after...beautifully whispered!

  3. That's the color we're going to use for our trim!


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