April 24, 2017

April-Etsy: Our Monthly Etsy Edit

April showers bring May flowers — the age old saying has been right around Virginia this month!

By day, you'll find me scouring the depths of the Etsy marketplace discovering new shops and emerging trends. In the spirit of sharing, every so often it's fun to round up some our latest finds — and with spring in full swing, we know and love April for its milder weather, and hopes for a bountiful garden in the summer months to come.

1. I'm loving the delicate feel of these glass jewelry boxes — the insert can be swapped out in different colors and look like they'd truly put your jewels on display.
2. A tiny sloth planter, is this just not so cute lent? All the tiny animal planters here.
3. State scented candles, for those that need a little reminder of how sweet home is. The Virginia candle is a combination of "forest, tobacco and a hint of tart cherries" — click here to find your state.
4. Brighten up your ride with one of these colorful bike planters.
5. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme...sing it with me. Personalized cedar herb markers.
6. This modern watering pot doubles as a flower vase — click to see how!
7. This bee pollinator wildflower seed bomb kit makes a sweet gift for the green thumb in your life.
8. A fun alternative to the traditional pocket square — wooden flower suit square.
9. Behold, the most practical housewarming gift, all gussied up.
10. These copper glass frames have a nice way of elevating the smallest of treasures to artwork status.
11. Now this is a rock, sorry...clock — just as beautiful as it is functional.

We'd love to know — what are some of your favorite Etsy finds right now?

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1 comment

  1. Hello Mary,

    I'm so happy to find your lovely blog.

    All the finds are adorable but I'm really impressed with the N°1 glass jewelry box. Is a very elegant and practical box.

    I miss you!!! You've made a wonderful work for the Etsy community.



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