October 1, 2016

Octob-Etsy: Our Monthly Etsy Edit

On this first day of the new month, Anne of Green Gables couldn't have said it better — "I'm so glad we live in a world where there are Octobers." There's a coolness to the air, a deepening in hues and just a slight touch of the unexpected with Halloween just in reach.

By day, I spend the bulk of my time deep in the depths of the Etsy marketplace — and it's these days that I'm re-inspired and continually amazed at the new seasonal collections and emergence of autumn goods from creative entrepreneurs all over the globe. In the spirit of sharing, every so often it's fun to round up a few of our personal favorites — here's what we're digging this October!

1. This simple trio of stacking bangles with hints of opals is good for everyday wear or as a gift idea for those with October's birthstone.

2. What does this fox say? Wintercroft is at it again with all sorts of new DIY mask kits. The geometric patterns feel like such a modern take on the typical mask and the options for printing these out instantly could make your last minute costume the talk of the party.

3. I have such a girl-crush on anything hand lettered and the oversized wooden names that Letters to You recently released are taking this trend to new heights — how sweet would this be for a baby shower, later to be hung as wall art in a nursery?

4. My mother recently pieced together a fire pit with a collection of hay bales and a metal grate down on her property near the river. We've been itching to get down there and strike up a round of smore's. With that in mind, we're digging these reclaimed marshmallow roasters, made with discarded wood from wine barrels in Colorado.

5. Something about cotton in the pod oozes an instant rustic, or farmhouse feel — this simple version of a cotton wreath is giving me all the feels.

6. How adorable are these cat votives? No explanation needed, amiright?

7. Is that you behind those Foster Grants? Tim found these vintage Jack-o-Lantern sunnies and ever since we've been reciting that cheesy line from the best of those classic 80's commercials.

8. Natural beeswax blocks from the hives at Honey Run Farm in Ohio — while a great natural material for DIY projects, we like to keep beeswax on hand as a household helper.

9. Filled with fiber from the llamas of Fox Hill farm, these adorable little bird hangers make a warm welcome and offering to birds foraging for nesting materials. Wouldn't these serve as such a cute housewarming idea?

10. The witch is in! These simple beaded wire tiaras are right up my alley for a quick Halloween accessory. They come in so many different shapes for alternate looks like antlers, bunny ears, crown & sailor hats.

11. As avid fans of hudson bay blankets, these cozy collars made from reclaimed Pendleton wool caught our attention right away (shhhh... don't tell Basil).

12. Have you seen all the creative pumpkin decorations cropping up from mason jar lids? We're particularly fond of these shimmering versions that use a cinnamon stick for the pumpkin stem.

We're loving the concept of pumpkin kits that come with different pieces to stake right into a fresh pumpkin — they allow your pumpkin to have a bit of personality longer than the few days a carved jack-o-lantern lasts (plus, hello no carving!).

This season we're digging the creative and completely custom metal kits from Knob Creek Metal Arts — the crab, angel and spectacled versions have us in stitches:

Image credits: Witch | Spectacles | Crab | Angel

We'd love to know — what are some of your favorite Etsy finds right now?

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