May 19, 2016

Our Mother's Day Fig Tree

We spent Mother's Day this year down at the farm with both our mothers and extended family. While the true gift that day was spending time together, we did decide to gift Mary's mom with a fig tree to plant on the grounds.

Not only is her house set on a family farm that's perfect for high-producing fruit trees, but we thought it was reminiscent of the large fig tree on the grounds of the Italian olive orchard where we stayed last year — and may make a nice tradition for harvesting each summer.

We decided on a brown turkey fig since they are well-suited for Virginia plant zoning, and the variety is different from those our neighbor's tree produces each summer here in the city. Since brown turkey fig trees weren't immediately available at our local plant nurseries, we decided to order online from Stark Bro's and have it shipped. We've had luck with ordering plants online before (like our fiddle leaf fig and wisteria) and like that there are typically more organics and variety to choose from when doing so.

What we weren't expecting upon opening the box was how stripped down and literally twig-like the tree would be, albeit, we're hopeful:

We've read how brown turkey fig trees can grow up to 25 ft tall and wide, so it will be fun to watch how this seemingly stark little trunk may take to the land and establish over the next several years. It's even got us thinking of different fruit varieties we may plant to create the start of a family orchard of sorts.

We're hoping for good things with this new little fig tree. We'll look forward to future trips on the farm to watch the progress and hope to have some "fruitful" news to share, perhaps this time next year.

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  1. I bought a Celeste Fig from Cross Creek (local to me / Midlothian) for my mom last year. She loved it and though it was a petit tree, she was able to get 6 baby figs from it last year! I'm hoping it continues to produce though a "whistle pig", according to my dear mother, has taken residency under the garden shed nearby.


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