March 14, 2016

Corner Gallery Wall: How To Hang Art on a Curved Wall

We recently introduced the addition of a small gallery wall to our office decor. While our home decor is in a state of continual evolution, we're loving how this newly-filled wall of personal art makes this front room of ours feel complete (don't mind the missing turtle — you'll see him make an appearance further down in the post).

Over the past several years, this corner made the perfect display area for the Victrola my Aunt & Uncle passed down, however the wall above seemed noticeably bare. We'd been itching to add art to this space and while we're not strangers to hanging a gallery wall, the curved effect of this corner office wall presented a new challenge.

Since it's the wall I gaze on most frequently during the day from behind my laptop screen, I've had a long time to think up a plan. It struck me that while a single piece of art wouldn't work, perhaps a collection of smaller pieces would. With that, the gathering began and after pulling together enough smaller, personal pieces along with various frames, Tim and I were motivated to work out the display. I was going for a balanced look with a collected feel, so you'll notice flat art paired with photography and a few 3-dimensional items mixed in.

To make the process of finding the best configuration simple, I traced each of the pieces onto scrap paper, labelled each, then taped them on the wall into what I felt looked both varied and balanced. The tape allowed for easy mixing and matching without the hassle of hammering nails or guessing which pieces would work well next to one another.

Speaking of making things simple on ourselves, don't ask me why I didn't think to move the Victrola prior to taping each piece of paper up on the wall, ha!

We left the paper template up on the wall overnight in order to view again the next day with a fresh point of view. Once ultimately happy with the final configuration, Tim helped me nail each frame directly overtop the paper for a perfect transfer. The paper can be removed with a gentle pull right out from behind the nail once the art is in place.

As for the art, you may recognize a few pieces from our recent trips and posts —

We had the linocut prints from our fall trip to Italy framed, hanging the snowy Assisi Basilica version in this collection as a fond reminder of this memory-filled trip. Also included is the horse hair bird's nest I'd recently displayed in a shadow box, and a white turtle shell my mom had found along the ravine at Beechwood. Peppered in are also the snaps from Tim's deep sea fishing days, an old favorite photo of Basil at the river and a vintage Tobacco advertisement from a local auction. Finally, a silhouette cameo of Tim's mother near the top and a smattering of photobooth strips from our past adventures. That leaves the single square frame still to be filled — I'm thinking one afternoon we'll dig through some of our old family photos to find the right fit.

Once all said and done, we're quite pleased with the look of this curved wall that had us scratching our heads for close to four years. It's filled with personal mementos and makes a great resting place for the eyes when looking up from the computer screen throughout the day. What about you — have a challenging space or one you recently solved for?

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