February 1, 2016

January Bits & Snaps

January — a time for reflection, getting organized and looking forward. A winter month where we yearn for spring not to wait much longer and balance nestling in at home with venturing out to try new things. It's been a full month for us — sips of tea with a blanket by the fire, trampling through the first fresh snow with Basil and venturing out beyond our same old same old.  In the spirit of our Weekend Basics series, today we're here to share the bits and pieces from over the past month...

Our biggest celebration this year has been Tim's 50th birthday. Per his wishes, we kept things small, indulging in a close family dinner at our one of all-time favorites, Mamma Zu. Stephanie and Brandon joined us as a small-scale surprise, really making Tim's night.

Much of the talk around here has surrounded the weather — starting out with unusually warm temps followed by our first snow, which happened to be one for the history books:

We received about 12-14 inches here in the heart of the city. It's always fun to watch the blanket of white snow cover the sidewalks and streets, bringing a quiet calm to the usual churn.

The snowfall was steady and the streets were completely clear of transit, which made for some unexpected & supervised off-leash fun for Basil out front.

On the weekends clear of snow and travel, we ventured out on the local estate sale circuit for a little treasure hunting. Lately we've been bringing home a lot of brass for the shop and never turn down a good Polaroid camera when we cross paths.

January has proven to be a month of trying new eats — it seems like we've been to a handful of local places on the bucket list that we finally made it in to enjoy: Southerly, Kuba Kuba's new west end location, Mamma J's, Merroir & Rancho T.

We'd picked Rancho T for its proximity to the Richmond Forum, where we enjoyed the chance to see Alan Alda speak mid-month. With "no pictures, please" as the general rule at these events, a quick selfie had to suffice:

We got a chance to see The Revenant and used the snowy weekend and our warm evenings by the fire to catch up on a couple of our favorite TV series: A Chef's Life and Mind of a Chef — both continuing to raise the bar three seasons in.

This is the look of Basil, who does not understand why the bright box behind him is distracting us from his nightly tug-of-war game. The ear flip says it all, no?

In the same spirit of staying in, we tackled a few home projects on the list and are looking forward to sharing the results here with you. Incredibly warming, seasonal aromas continue to seep into the front office throughout the day from the kitchen where Tim has been recipe testing for a handful of ongoing photography projects that I willingly volunteer to taste test.

We rounded out the month with a quick trip in NYC, snow boots our uniform by day and warm, quaint spots across the Lower East Side to eat by the evenings.

We're looking forward to what February and early spring have in store and the possibilities for the new year ahead. Thanks for taking the time to stop in to see what we've been up to — here's hoping your January was all you'd wished.

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