November 9, 2015

Over on eHow: DIY Wine Bottle Christmas Lights

In our most recent project collaboration with eHow, we transformed a handful of glass bottles into a set of sparkling holiday decorations. These festive lights are a such a fun way to recycle different bottles from a special occasion or trip, and make a budget-friendly gift idea as the holidays draw near.

The trick to making these wine bottle lights is by drilling a large enough hole in the base of the bottle to slip the string lights inside. LED lights will stay cool, without worry of heating the glass and using a battery pack light string allows for placing the bottles anywhere you like, regardless of nearby access to an electrical outlet.

Once lit, they're easy to display in a nook that could use a friendly glow or spread out across the mantle or tablescape to create a welcoming and festive focal point. Just tuck the battery pack out of sight and watch them light up the room:

With so many new light string options on the market, mix and match the bulb sizes for a varied look and swap in different colors throughout the year for a fresh approach — orange lights for Halloween would work quite well, no?

Head on over to eHow for the full tutorial with step by step instructions for making a set of these sparkling wine glass lights.

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