October 27, 2015

Recipe: Caramel Apples

Now that we're in the throws of autumn, Mary and I are soaking in the cooler mornings, changing leaves and the fall offerings cropping up everywhere we look. In the spirit of the season and with this year's apple picking trip, I recently whipped up a batch of caramel apples in collaboration with Furniture.com's lifestyle blog and had fun pairing this classic treat with grown-up toppings for a gourmet twist.

Crushed pistachios, dried banana chips and giant flakes of Maldon salt were among my coatings of choice — and I realized just how much room for creative choice and personal taste there is when making caramel apples.

This batch of 8 apples took a little over an hour to make from prep to finish once all the ingredients and kitchen supplies are gathered, so the project could make for a simple weekend activity to partake in with friends over drinks.

Make it a kid-friendly activity by subbing in their favorite toppings (chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, or heck, even sprinkles).

Head on over to Furniture.com to find my full recipe and tutorial for whipping together a batch of these deliciously grown up caramel apples of your own — and we'd love to know, what's your favorite apple topping combination?

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