September 30, 2015

The World Visits Richmond: UCI Road World Championships

UCI Women's Elite racing through the Fan

Over the past week, Richmond was the hosting city for the UCI Road World Championship bike race. This has been an event I've been looking forward to since they announced it about 4 years ago.

For some background, you all know I'm a huge cycling fan and avid Tour de France TV watcher each July when it comes back around — what you may not know is how my dad used to be a semi-professional cyclist in Hungary before immigrating to the states back in 1957 during the Hungarian revolution. Joining the Army and the 82nd airborne in the early 60's, cycling remained a passion of his, which has trickled through me over the span of my lifetime.

Needless to say, dad and I have been really looking forward to welcoming the UCI Championship race to the city, which happened to wind right through our neighborhood here in the Fan. We had unreal front seat views of the motorcade, cyclists and even a crash while UCI was in town. Now that everyone's packed up and headed out of Richmond, I'm certainly feeling a bit of bike race withdrawals.

This video cut from Richard MacDonald of the aerial highlights from the race is one of Mary's and my favorites — with beautiful views of the city and the race ebbing right through our neighborhood and local monuments. We wanted to share here as it's definitely worth a watch; just click to expand and hope you enjoy as it gives me goose bumps when I watch it:

Thanks for checking in on us today — if you'd like to see more of my own snaps from the bike race while in Richmond, head on over to Instagram for a small collection of my favorite moments.

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