July 22, 2015

How To: Make DIY Potpourri With Wedding Flowers

When Tim and I got married over 2 years ago, I ended up saving my bouquet and the large centerpiece from our florals, allowing them to fully dry out. I wasn't sure what I'd do with them at the time, but didn't want to throw them away and knew at some point an idea may strike for how to preserve them in a meaningful way.

Image by Tori Watson

Using a portion of the dried flowers, I recently made a small batch of potpourri to store in a glass mason jar and for use as a filler in a set of scented sachets. I'm always surprised at how simple making a DIY batch of potpourri can be once you have the right materials. You can use a variety of your favorite dried flowers and herbs (we had peppermint buds on hand from the garden) to mix with scented essential oil in a container of your choosing. The result is a beautiful and decorative scented helper great for freshening up any space.

  • Dried flower petals
  • Dried lavender or peppermint buds
  • Scented oil*
  • Glass jar
  • Small spoon
*You can find scented oils in most craft or floral stores and they come in a range of options to choose from. I went with a lavender scent for its calming qualities.

Combine a mixture of the dried petals and herbs, filling the jar about one third way full.

Apply 2-3 small drops of scented oil over the mixture. Fill the jar two thirds full with more petals, repeating with 2-3 more small drops of scented oil.

Using a small spoon, gently mix the contents of the jar to distribute everything evenly.

Fill the jar with the remaining dried petal mixture, topping with any particularly decorative elements. I chose to top ours with a few small round peony buds and a single dried frond from the eucalyptus leaves. Finish with a few final drops of scented oil.

There are several uses for freshly-made potpourri. Place in a space that could use some freshening up, like the bathroom or entryway. Top the jar with a lid to pack along when traveling or give as a DIY housewarming gift.

I made this specific batch to use as a filler for a set of scented sachets to nestle inside our chest of drawers and to toss in the suitcase to keep things fresh while traveling. They're not only useful, but pretty little reminders and a memento from our wedding day.

Find the full tutorial for these simple to make no-sew scented sachets over on the Hamilton Beach Everyday Good Thinking blog today. Also, look for a special giveaway here on the blog tomorrow for one of Durathon's newest steam irons, the same version we used to make these sachets with and one of our favorite new household helpers. For more project inspiration, check out more summer craft ideas and find out how to pin your favorites for a chance to win an iron of your own in the Durathon summer crafts contest gallery.

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  1. I love this idea! I saved my wedding bouquet because I knew I'd find some use for it. I never thought about making a potpourri mix, but it's so pretty I might just have to!

  2. Unique idea for wedding. Surely Use for my big day.


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