June 15, 2015

Over on eHow: DIY Cement Flower Pots

We recently made a trio of cement flower pots to act as an outdoor centerpiece for our patio table — they help brighten up our backyard and were silly-simple to make. With basic materials like plastic containers, quick drying cement, water and a little cooking spray these planters are one of those projects that takes minimal effort but gives off a huge return.

The basic concept is using household plastic containers like single-use party bowls, storage bins or old plastic planters as molds that will shape and form the drying concrete into unique modern vessels.

Because the cement molds against the plastic, it will pick up any shapes, curves or intricate patterns from the container. It sure makes you look at all your plastic containers and cartons a little differently, ha!

Head on over to eHow to find our full tutorial with step-by-step instructions for making a custom set of your own cement planters.

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