April 27, 2015

Weekend Basics

Hello! Hello! We're checking in this morning after coming off an 8 day stay in NYC, so the majority of this past weekend's rainy days were spent unpacking and settling back in at home. Probably the most important part of coming back from spending time away is getting in a few extra cuddles with this guy (who is apparently full of what we like to call "sassmouf" — 8 days is too long guys!)...

We'd spent the better part of the last two weeks in NYC, eager to work in the Brooklyn office and be a part of Etsy's opening day while in town:

We stayed at our new favorite spot on the Lower East Side again, The Ludlow Hotel, and I discovered a couple of life's hidden luxuries — ordering coffee service in bed and long baths in a marble tub:

Over the weekend we got to partake in some of our favorite touristy things like walking the Brooklyn bridge, strolling through Union Square, stopping into Fishs Eddy (a vintage/foodie favorite!) and the Union Square Green Market, eating our way through Smorgasburg and heck, I even ended up buying a selfie stick:

Can't you just see the look of wonder in my eyes above while having my first "portrait" taken with a selfie stick, ha? If you're wondering, yes, Tim gave me some good-hearted grief over this impulse purchase, but I'm just gonna stick to my guns on this one — my key to successfully using a selfie stick is having no shame when using the selfie stick.

This trip was certainly one for the memory books — it's always amazing to us how we can travel up to the city and do so many of our favorite things, but also uncover portions we never knew about. It definitely makes regular travel an adventure.

Once back at home and settled in, the sun decided to peek for a few hours, so we took advantage and did get a chance to tend to some of the new spring plants we got into containers before heading out of Richmond and Tim began working to sand down and refinish the wood stumps we'd picked up along the roadside a few weeks back:

We're looking forward to warmer temps ahead for Richmond this week and hope you're having a nice forecast for the week ahead wherever you may be checking in from today!

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