April 14, 2015

Weekend Basics

Hello to you this rainy Tuesday! We're checking in off of a long weekend filled with activity and have been looking forward to sharing a few of the highlights here on the blog.

Friday we got up early and hit the road, coffee in hand, taking route 33 up to Madison County, VA. I was scheduled to interview Scott Ellif, the owner of DuCard Vineyards for an upcoming piece I'm writing for Lot18, so we decided to take the long way up, stopping along the way to scope out a few antique shops, grab a BBQ lunch and even dared to adventure into our own "freestyle pick."

The drive up to Madison County was beautiful — we took winding country roads along the way before ending up in the picturesque stretch of mountain land that is DuCard Vineyards:

Places like these are a photographer's dream; we're both still reeling from the landscape and story behind this beautiful place — one I'll look forward to sharing from my time spent chatting with Scott while there.

After spending the morning touring the vineyard and chatting wine, Mary and I purchased a selection of our favorite varietals exclusive to DuCard before packing it up to head back to Richmond.

We stopped along the way home to check out a few Antique shops that looked too good to pass up:

Then we ate a late lunch/early dinner (linner, dunch?) at a favorite barbecue spot, the BBQ Exchange in Gordonsville, VA. Yep, that's pork belly bacon you see here:

On the final stretch home, we noticed a yard where a tree had been recently cut down, with the tree slices left scattered across the ground. Wondering if the homeowners might be trying to get rid of the debris and having a pair of rustic end tables (similar to this project) on the brain for an upcoming decorating idea, I channeled Mike and Frank from American Pickers, and pulled into the driveway for what would be our first "freestyle pick."

The homeowner told me that he'd promised the wood to his cable guy, but that was before the cable guy never ended up showing with his truck, so he gladly told us to take a few slices of what we wanted. With that, we stacked two tree slabs in the trunk and one in the back seat. This was certainly an adventure — one we think we'll laugh about for the long haul, and can't wait to get started on the tables we have planned for these guys.

The majority of the remaining weekend was spent on the go, right here from home. After a quick trip to the hardware store, we tackled a couple projects we've been itching to get to and took the chance to get a host of spring plants in pots for the start of this year's urban garden.

For those of you wondering, Basil took the chance this weekend to enjoy the long sunny days:

Yep, that's our sun dog — always sniffing out the sunniest of patches to stretch out and snooze in.

We hope you had a lovely weekend wherever you may be checking in from today — thanks as always for stopping by to see what we're up to.

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