March 31, 2015

Spring Snow: NYC Photo Roundup

Happy Tuesday! This is a snapshot of the view I had Friday before last while making my way into work on the first day of spring in NYC. As you can see, the week was a little gray and snowy, a stark comparison to the sunny week we spent in Mexico prior — but nonetheless magical. We wanted to share a few of our collective snaps from our quick week in the snowy city.

We stayed on the Lower East Side at the Ludlow Hotel again, which is an incredibly quick and easy commute into work on the F train. For context, "quick and easy" aren't typical words used to described any sort of commute in NYC.

As we explained from our last trip, our hotel is directly across the street from Katz's — the iconic NYC deli from When Harry Met Sally. It was the start of Daylight's Saving Time when we were in town, so the views of the neon-lit deli signs as the sun went down each night were pretty incredible:

...and we've lovingly coined one of our favorite recurring games to play when in the city as "curbside trash or treasure." I swear, only in NYC will you find legitimately good finds just left on the curb for the landfill:

There's also a bit of a different "etiquette" that took me a while to learn when living in Brooklyn — that things left on the street are pretty much fair game. I remember a few times when my roomie and I would leave perfectly good items outside our apartment complex that we'd otherwise would have donated, just to see how quickly they'd get picked up, ha. Without fail it would only be a few hours at most. Hey, sometimes you give and sometimes you get. While we didn't pick up any curbside gems this go round, that didn't stop us from spotting plenty of them, like the framed architectural print pictured above.

Speaking of gems, we had a chance to stop into a few of our choice shops and jewelry supply warehouses while in town:

And with that — we were headed back almost as quickly as we'd headed in. Thanks for stopping in to share a few snaps from our city visit. Until next time!

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  1. We were in Katz's Delicatessen a couple of years ago. A friend recommended a place and we read about it and about how long it has been open for business. Unfortunately, it was one of my worst experiences being and eating there :( the staff was extremely rude. I don't even remember the turkey sandwich I had... Only the baaad customer service. Sad.

    1. Well, I have to admit I was not as impressed as Mary was but the place really does have a strong following and history so they are definitely doing something right!


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