February 12, 2015

Over on eHow: DIY Animal Friend Organizational Helpers

Meet our newest little organizational friend — eh moose! In our latest project post with eHow, this watchful moose organizer came to life and has been one of the biggest helpers ever since. The full project details can be found newly published in eHow's Home series today.

Making one of these friendly animal helpers is a simple project and takes little more than a plastic toy animal, wood craft plaque and a touch of your favorite spray paint from the craft store — it would make for a really easy weekend project and fun one to take on with the kids. Speaking of the craft store, these are the types of weekend picture texts I get from Mary and they usually say "this one:"

All in a day's work?

The key (<---- see what I did there) to this project is in finding an animal with antlers, tusks, extended arms or a long neck, since these are the components from which your keys, sunglasses and other odds and ends will hang from.

With a few layers of spray paint, drops of super glue and dry time, our little moose made quite the modern transformation:

Sprayed gold like this, he almost takes on the look of a trophy. Aside from looking great, our new moose friend has been a big helper in the ongoing organizational battle — keeping watch over our keys, sunglasses and other small objects that tend to get lost within the vortex of the entryway.

Head on over to eHow to find the full tutorial with step-by-step instructions for making a handy helper of your own!

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