February 3, 2015

In With The New...

Hello, Hello! Today we wanted to pop in with a quick rug update — that's right, it's a post all about an office rug, and Basil would like to do the honors of showing you the details:

Yes Basil, your paws look fantastic, but it's the rug details we're after...

To give a little context, you may remember the office looking much like this the last time we checked in with a room update:

One of our house goals last year was to transform our front parlor into a functioning office, which we successfully achieved and showed the progress from in this post last April. We left off feeling great about being able to use this room for our office, instead of a low-traffic sitting area, but had one little issue — the rug we'd picked during the planning phase turned out to be too small for the space:

As in waaaaaaaay too small. Laughably small.

We realized this fact the minute we rolled it out under the desk, and as fate would have it — the same rug didn't exist in the next size up from 5x7 (of course). It was a shame since we actually loved everything about the rug — from its light color, slight geometric pattern and the soft shaggy texture under our feet. Despite the fact the rug was just too small for the space, we quickly learned that a white rug attracts dirt and the shaggy texture is super hard to clean (rookie mistake and I'll take full responsibility on that one). So when thinking about a larger rug, we still wanted something light with a geometric pattern, but with a texture that's easier to keep clean.

After re-measuring the room, we realized anything between a 5x7 and 8x10 would probably be a better fit, which of course isn't a standard size for most rugs.  So! We ended up living with the smaller rug until the right one came along — which happened just before the holidays. I'd happened upon this diamond patterned rug by Threshold from Target:

This rug basically has it all — it's a neutral shade in a 7x10 size, which happened to fit just within the confines our tricky space dimensions! When the Cyber Monday sale email from Target hit my inbox, it was a done deal. I was initially worried the 10' length might be too long, but as it turns out, the 7x10 turned out to be the perfect size — it provides much better coverage without overtaking the space, so we still get a peek of our hardwoods in here!

When it came to making the rug swap,  a certain someone was in a bit of denial that his favorite rug in the house was about to make an exit:

However, it didn't take long before we rolled out the new rug that our little office helper came in to "inspect:"

It appears to be a win all around :)

We're digging how the front office space continues to evolve. Right now we're in the process of tackling a build-out for 2 custom bookcases to flank either side of the mantle, which will completely change the look and feel of the room. We'll look forward to sharing pics as soon as everything's in place!

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  1. Love the office! What a beautiful room, with the fireplace and all!

    I'm considering the same rug for our den. Do you know if the rug is made of wool? It's hard to tell from Target's website.


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