January 27, 2015

Weekend Basics

We woke this morning to the first big snow of the season here in Richmond. While we're certainly below the band of blizzard conditions further up North, it's always exciting to see the snowfall and white blanket that covers the city. Are you also enjoying a #snowday?

The majority of the weekend was spent working to build out a pair of custom bookshelves, but outside of that major project we did get a chance to pop out and do a little antiquing and take part in celebrating our very first Burns supper. I've included all the highlights below if you care to see...

First up, the bookcases! In an effort to provide additional storage and help our front office feel that much more like a complete space, we've been wanting to build bookshelves to complement each side of the mantle of this room.

We've wanted to tackle these shelves for some time now, even making the project a 2015 goal — so we're both excited to be able to share the results of how they're turning out later this week.

Saturday night we attended our first Burns supper. Robert Burns is a celebrated Scottish poet and traditional dinners can be thrown in his honor where poetry is read while traditional Scottish food and Scotch whiskey is served. We enjoyed trying Haggis for the first time with many of our friends at the Lockhart's new home:

While there, Mary spotted this giant tree trunk slice resting and drying out in the Lockhart's home — we can't wait to see what they make with it (and it made us feel a little less crazy for keeping projects like these laying about our house, too):

We also got a chance to hit up a few antique shops and an estate sale — one of our favorite weekend activities that we actually haven't gotten around to doing since before the holidays. First up, we stopped into a new-to-us spot, RVA Antiques over on Lakeside:

This shop was filled with all sorts of antiques ranging from industrial to shabby to mid century — there was a smattering of rescued and restored finds in the mix. This collection of insulators was probably our favorite find of the day, reminding us of the wall rack we'd made with the ones we found on our own house:

On the way back home we popped into an Estate sale on Monument Ave — it was the last day of the sale where everything is marked down and when Mary saw this rug, we knew it belonged in our kitchen:

We're juggling a bunch of home-related updates at the moment, so will try to grab a better shot of the rug in its new home to give a better idea of what it looks like in the space. Speaking of home projects, the sewing machine made a special appearance for an upcoming project post we're working on for our series with eHow:

Spoiler alert — it's going to be a laundry bag!

On the food front, I've been working on a series of recipe shoots for a Mexican sauce company in collaboration with their new website launch:

It's been an interesting challenge to focus more on the styling and photography aspects of a project over the full post writing I'm used to doing with regular food blogging and I'll look forward to sharing more of the story behind this project soon.

In TV news, we've been cozied up by the fire most evenings catching up on the new seasons of Fixer Upper and Downton Abbey — and will be rooting for the Seahawks this Sunday during the Superbowl. Here's hoping you had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the snow if you're checking in from a winter wonderland like ours today!

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  1. Hi, I just came across your site (led by a pin on re-using bottles). What I thought was great is your age difference. My husband and I are 25 years apart (yikes, lol). We've been married for 12 years. We are also on the artistic side (I think you have to be a little bit 'crazy' to marry someone so much older than you, that isn't rich, haha).

    Anyhow your last pic on this post reminded me of what constructions workers eat in Mexico (where we live). They take a can of sardines, an avocado, 2 pds of corn tortillas, and some pico de gallo salsa and that's their lunch (that plus a liter of coke). Of course they work off those calories from a day of hard labor.

    Nice blog. I look forward to reading through it!


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