January 5, 2015

Weekend Basics: A Fresh Start

Happy Monday! It's the official start to a new year and work week for us since we were able to take some extended time off over the holidays. The break was such a welcome time to relax and come back ready and refreshed. Here's Basil, popping in to wish each of you a happy start to the week ahead...

First thing's first — who else caught the season premiere of Downton Abbey last night? Can we tell you how excited we are it's back? Downton is one of the shows we like to watch together, unlike the Bachelor and unlimited amounts of football — can you guess which of these match the other?

Since we spent time off, we'll say we kicked off the extended weekend on New Year's Eve. We officially rang it in with some of our bestest of friends, Emily & J, and can happily declare we all made it past midnight with a few toasts to spare (which is something we can't say is true of the past few years)!

In other news, the holiday decorations are down, organized and put away. We love bringing them out each year, but man, it always feels great putting them away at the end of the season — we're not alone on this, right?

Saturday I got a chance to go sport fishing for rockfish in Virginia Beach with some good friends. This is an annual trip I've been dying to go on but have missed over the past few years due to weather.

While the weather was rainy and we didn't catch a single fish (why they call it fishing and not catching), we did get the chance to see glimpses of what I am pretty sure was a humpback whale:

This whale stayed up near the surface showing its fins and tail, which was one of those unforgettable, breathtaking sites. It was also a great time getting the chance to get outside the regular routine a bit and hang out with some old friends.

We also decided to start tackling our list of house goals with a bang and I can happily say the outdated track light system is down!

We've been working to update this guy over the weekend and hope to share the final result here on the blog soon.

Outside of prepping for the workweek ahead, I've been recipe testing and photographing for an exciting project I'm working on with a sauce company based out of Mexico. I've been posting a few sneak peeks over on Instagram (here and here) and will look forward to sharing the final results once everything shapes up a little further.

Here's hoping you have a great start to the week and thanks for stopping in!

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