December 18, 2014

Small Joys

It's the small joys in life, like trying on your aunt's giant boots, that brings a busy time like the holiday season into perspective. A couple weekends back, we got the chance to see our niece and nephew at my mother's home down on the James River. Whenever we visit, the Hunter boots come along for the ride and usually camp next to the door while we're inside. The kids are at such a fun age right now — the kind where trying on a pair of "thigh high" boots, then trying to walk is all the entertainment they need...

Let me tell you something about my nephew — this child has no fear:

And of course, when a little sister sees what her big brother's doing, she wants to do the same:

Now that's what I call a pair of waders:

Here's to many small joys to you and yours this holiday season!

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