November 3, 2014

Weekend Basics

Happy Monday! We're checking in with a recap of our weekend from NYC today, which is brrrrrrrr!

We kicked off the weekend brunching at the newly re-opened Perly's Delicatessen, which is quickly becoming a new favorite haunt. We'd been in for lunch and couldn't wait to try breakfast — and man, oh, man it didn't disappoint. I went with corned beef hash and eggs (a favorite breakfast memory from my childhood) while Tim opted for the schnitzel and eggs. Definitely a place to put on the "try list" if you haven't stopped in yet or might be passing through Richmond anytime soon.

Brunch was the perfect fuel to knock out a few studio projects on Saturday before making our regular trip up to New York for the week ahead:

It's been the chilliest weekend we've seen this season (Hello, November!), but it felt good to get outside, and work on a few projects. Tim cranked up the circular saw and worked on a little holiday project we'll be sharing here on the blog later this week.

I was also excited to get back into the jewelry studio to work on a small batch of these limited mermaid pocket knife necklaces:

I make a regular line of jewelry from vintage pocket knife necklaces similar to these, but the mermaids are always rare to come across in any quantity, making this new little batch an exciting find and just in time for the holiday season.

While working outside, we couldn't help but notice our little winter stragglers in the gardening department:

We've got mint, basil, parsley rosemary, dormant grapevines, some winter lettuces and collard greens still hanging on through this first bout of cold weather. If the mint and basil make it through the week ahead while we're away, it looks to be about time we bring them in for winter propagation.

We've been excited for this latest trip up to NYC. It's November, which means holidays are in the air and stuffing our faces with comfort food is a little more acceptable, right? Right...

Peter Pan Pastry & Donut Shop was on the culinary agenda for this trip and within walking distance from our hotel, so it was a no-brainer destination the minute after we pulled in. This little spot is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and has an old-school vibe. It's operated by Eastern Europeans and is jam-packed from the second you set foot inside, mostly from people waiting in line to get a box of takeaway donuts where everything is baked on site.

We ended up nabbing a couple open barstools at the breakfast counter, getting a chance to sit down, sip a cup of coffee (I got a donut) and just take in the scene.

We hear the place is regularly busy, but think it may have been even more crowded since the NYC Marathon was mapped to pass right down the same street. The donut shop was right at about the 12 mile marker point on the marathon route, so we had a front row glimpse at all the excitement.

We'd rolled into the city early enough to beat the bulk of the marathon (you guys know Tim has an early morning system for getting in with no traffic and a full day to enjoy). We hung outside in the cold long enough to watch all the police vehicles usher in the first group of runners, who literally flew by:

It was a rush of excitement as they came through, and we wondered if they were able to keep warm in the cold and wind that was abnormally blustery yesterday morning. It turns out Tim was actually able to capture a shot of the first and second place winners in the shot above — you'll notice Mary Keitany and Jemima Sumgong running near the back of this group together. Pretty cool.

The rest of the day we spent mostly getting settled in for the work week ahead, and fighting to stay awake (with daylight's saving time) to watch the Steelers win against the Ravens, which is one of Tim's favorite football rivalries. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are staying warm if experiencing this same new rush of cold we've got going on!

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