November 14, 2014

Over on eHow: DIY Closet Door Gift Wrapping Station

We're getting on top of our organization game this holiday season, especially with the addition of this latest gift-wrapping storage system we installed along the interior closet door in Brandon's room.

The whole system was made using double curtain rod brackets and wooden dowels; all the project details are newly published in our latest project post for eHow. The curtain rod brackets are so great for a space like this since they extend out from the door and the double holes allow for twice the amount of rolls and ribbon (which makes Mary happy).

It might sound odd to install something like this in a bedroom, but the truth is, this room is more of a multi-functional space we use as Brandon's room when he comes to visit from college, a guest room and more regularly a makeshift office supply space, since we use the closet to hold office supplies. It works for us!

While our house has ample square footage, the storage space is deceptively lacking and we've had to come up with several creative solutions since moving in. Older homes like ours just weren't built with a ton of closet space or added storage — life must have been simpler and more furniture used for these sorts of things.

One thing's for sure — our downstairs hall closet (aka, dumping ground) is thanking us for this new bit of breathing room now that all of the gifting supplies have found a tidy new home upstairs.

Head on over to eHow to see more pictures of our new wrapping station with step by step instructions for making one of your own.

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  1. How if I could only just finish unpacking ;-).


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