November 25, 2014

Hello, 32!

Yesterday we celebrated my 32nd birthday. Mom reminded me this was the same age she was when she had me and the only year I'd be half her age...

It was such a great day, with cards from family and well wishes from friends. For dinner, Tim had planned ahead and made reservations at Stella's, a dinner spot we've been dying to get in but is always too booked to grab a last-minute table (we're habitual last-minute deciders on going out to eat). So! He planned ahead and made reservations for my birthday, where we sipped on wine, slurped a few oysters and dined on artichoke moussaka and homestyle Greek pasta. The true measure of my birthday though, I'll have to admit — is the Ukrop's Cake. Those that know me, know it's not really a birthday unless I get this cake:

It's a pound cake with white frosting and sugar roses. I've been getting it since I was born and have been hard pressed to find a cake that compares. Ukrop's was a grocery store and Richmond staple when I was growing up. When they were bought out by Martin's in 2009, I was devastated at the thought their bakery offerings might change, but much to my excitement Ukrop's maintained their homestyle bakery options and Martin's continues to carry the cakes. It's one of those things that defines me — we all have them, right?

So hey! Thirty-Two, you're looking pretty good. I'm looking forward to what the rest of this year has in store.

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  1. we have the same birthday ~ november 24th!
    i'm 44 ; )
    and today is my son's 10th.
    born november 25th at 12:06am he missed my birthday by 6 minutes!
    happy birthday, mary! ♥


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