October 27, 2014

Weekend Basics

As mentioned last week, we had out 5 1/2 year old niece staying with us last week as a house guest while her parents were out of town. As you can probably imagine, she kept us busy and on our toes in the best of ways. Highlights in between school included the pumpkin patch, our first time watching Frozen, baking cookies, and a trip to the Science Museum of Virginia to see Pandas: The Journey Home in the IMAX theatre.

Oh, and we can't forget Basil's proper introduction to Barbies...

Don't ask me what's going on with the Barbie in the background of this shot — we clearly have some #nakedbarbieissues.

After an adventurous and eventful week with Virginia, a few days at home were much needed — but it didn't mean we relaxed, ha! In true-to-us fashion, we took the the weekend to complete the work we've been doing in Brandon's room, the back bedroom in our home where we've been working to expose the brick chimney.

We'd recently gotten the ceiling and areas of the wall in this room patched up (that were previously damaged), so went ahead and painted the room while in there working. Look for before and after pics and the project post for exposing the brick chimney publishing later this week!

And since we're crazy, we decided to go ahead and start similar wall repairs in our own room. Back when we had roof work done to fix water damage coming in through the upstairs walls in Stephanie's room, there was some wall bubbling leftover in our own room that we knew we'd eventually need to take care of as well. So this weekend was as good as any!

While the work in our room will remain a work in progress, we're excited to call Brandon's room almost complete in terms of renovation work and paint colors — and are looking forward to sharing the progress there here on the blog!

To close out the weekend, we did venture out for Sunday morning breakfast at Lamplighter for with Basil:

What about you? If you're in RVA did you make it out to the Carytown Zombie Walk or the Scott's Addition Pumpkin Festival? There's so many fun things to do around here this time of year!


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    1. Hi Emily, thanks for checking in. The outside area of Lamplighter is dog friendly and Basil loves meeting all the dogs!

      Best, Tim and Mary


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