September 25, 2014

Over on eHow: Organized Vertical Storage

Over the weekend we gave the blank brick wall above my workbench in the garage an organizational makeover. With the help of a few key supplies like metal rails, hanging baskets and S hooks I've now got my frequently used tools within arm's reach and a workbench that's clutter free.

I drilled right into the brick for this installation, which is actually simpler than it sounds — find the full step by step tutorial in our latest project post for eHow.

...and since we all love a good "before shot," here's a better idea of where we started:

This blank space of wall usually has a cluttered workbench pushed against it and you can see the mess that's built up on the ground above. This project was a great chance to pull everything away from the wall, re-organize and clean up. Now that we've installed the wall storage, I've got a completely clear work-surface to use now, which feels so good:

This project would also translate really well in other clutter-prone areas like a laundry or craft area. Find the full tutorial for creating the full rail system with step by step instructions and pictures right here, on eHow.

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  1. Wow. you did a great job with this.....looks so much better and ends all that are just a jack of all trades.....your wife is so lucky to have a man like you...sounds like you sure aren't lazy.....and for sure a good man is hard to wouldn't happen to have an older brother who is single eh ? :) I could use your kind of help around here.......


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