August 25, 2014

Weekend Basics

We've made a routine of driving to Lockhart Family Farm on Saturday mornings to continue working on updating the 1976 Airstream camper our friends recently purchased and this weekend was no different.

We continued to work on painting the walls (with all their curves, nooks and crannies) in a second coat of white interior paint, so don't have much to show in terms of "progress shots" compared with last weekend's updates. Painting is one of those jobs that just takes time, but makes all the difference once complete. It will probably take at least one more solid visit before we call the initial paint job complete and are able to move onto the other updates we have in store — like painting the cabinets (more paint!), adding a backsplash, and bringing in some fun decor.

While Mary worked on painting, I'd signed up for and took part in the Bacon Curing workshop Josiah was offering on the farm that day.

I'm a fan of curing and have actually shared my process for doing so over on E.A.T. with part of the whole pig I purchased from Josiah last year. That being said, I'm always curious about learning new techniques, food history and more about the animals on the farm, so was excited to join in on this workshop. Just as I'd imagined, it was a lot of fun, I learned a lot and met many new-to-me faces from around the area — plus, we came home with over a pound of pork belly prepped to cure over the next few weeks!

The big event from Sunday was celebrating the 3rd and 4th birthdays of our niece and nephew, Sophia and Benjamin. Mary's sister and brother-in-law hosted a family celebration at their house that we were excited to be included in. These two are like two peas in a pod, actually born within the same year, Sophia arriving just 10 days before Benjamin's 1st birthday.

We brought along the usual suspects, giant mylar balloons in the number shape of their age (you might remember mine):

We managed to get the two adorable individual shots of the kids with their balloons above before making the mistake of asking them to pose together, which took a fateful turn when Benjamin got so excited he momentarily yanked Sophia's balloon away, running off to her great disappointment. Oh, to be siblings...

The real hit of the evening was the M&M cake Mary made for Benjamin:

We celebrated with 2 cakes, one for each of the kids, and we volunteered to bring Benjamin's since he'd told Mary he was hoping for an M&M birthday cake several weeks ago. It was Granddad's task to bring along Sophia's cake, which also did not disappoint:

As you can imagine, the cakes turned out to be a big hit, along with all the other goodies we brought along — we'll look forward to sharing the M&M cake tutorial here on the blog later this week.

With that, we'll leave you with a roundup of our favorite phone shots captured by (and with) the kids while there:

What fun! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and great start to the week — will you be watching the Emmy's with us tonight?

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