August 7, 2014

Over on eHow: DIY Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover

Remember that dated wooden dresser I helped Stephanie pick up from Craigslist a couple weekends back? Well, as you can see above, it's made quite the transformation, and we're sharing all the details in our latest project post over on eHow

Stephanie let us know she wanted a white dresser with a distressed, shabby chic looking feel and finish. After finding an older dresser on Craiglist with the basic shape and larger storage capacity she was looking for, she picked out some updated drawer pulls to complete the final look. I do have to say, though, the bulk of this transformation is thanks to our use of chalk paint, which allows for little to no prep or priming and makes getting that aged and distressed finish so simple. We share how to make your own DIY single use mix of chalk paint at home on a budget over in today's eHow post:

We're really happy with how the dresser turned out — it's almost hard to believe its the same piece of furniture that we started with. Definitely a good reminder not to overlook those dated pieces of furniture at the next garage sale, thrift store or while searching on Craigslist.

As with all projects, if we were to pan out a bit from that shot above, you would be able to see our little "supervisor" keeping a close eye on us from the sidelines, investigating all the commotion of getting this new piece of furniture in place:

Stephanie's more than happy with the new storage she's got in her room now — here's a current look at how her room has been evolving since our last update:

See more pics and get the full project details right here, on eHow

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  1. Oh my gosh, that looks AWESOME!! If y'all decide to do a workshop in Richmond, please count me in. Would love to learn this!

    1. Thanks Shari! It really is quite easy!

      Best, Tim and Mary


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