July 21, 2014

Weekend Basics

Our weekend was filled with finds, a little airstream demolition, good food and travel — what more could we ask for? Much of Friday, Tim spent time tinkering with a 1955 RCA Victor we scored for a steal at a local auction — it's a wooden table and tube radio with so much mid-century appeal.

He was able to get the radio working (here's a quick video of how it sounds), so we cracked open a couple beers from the garage fridge and listened to a little John Prine out there to celebrate. We actually have no idea what we're going to do with this radio in the grand scheme of things (no planned projects or places around the house for it), but it was just one of those unique finds we had to have. Some of our friends on Instagram suggested making it USB compatible, which would be pretty amazing. We'll enjoy continuing to clean it up and work on it while trying to figure all those things out.

Our biggest update from the weekend was heading back to Lockhart Family Farm in order to begin work on the vintage airstream updates we shared last week:

On the way to farm, we stopped by Sugar Shack Donuts to pick up a little "fuel" for the day:

The chocolate caramel sea salt donuts had my name written all over them, and we also picked up a couple of the specialty beer donuts (yes you read that right, beer donuts) they had on the rack in collaboration with both Hardywood and Licking Hole Creek breweries. A lemon poppyseed bun, and a couple pineapple with toasted coconut donuts also made their way into the box...

After going over a few big decor and update ideas for the space, we took measurements and actually made  some major headway into getting started — like removing the original upper storage compartments and wiring a new USB compatible receptacle in the wall. Much more to come on the initial progress we made in a dedicated post later this week.

We also had a chance to drop by Home Depot's lumber department to pick up supplies for our next project we're tackling for eHow:

This one turned out really well, and we're looking forward to sharing the results here on the blog this Thursday.

In other news, we ended up having a full house overnight Saturday with both Stephanie and Brandon in town, so Tim took it as an excuse to cook up a full family style brunch spread — which we never complain about:

Lately we've enjoyed a plate full of fresh summer vegetables with ripe avocados — grazing style.

...and I had a little help from my packaging assistant to ensure all of this past week's jewelry shop orders were ready to ship before heading up to NYC for the start of the week:

And with that, I packed up my carry-on for a short work related trip up to the big city where I'm checking in from this morning.

While a short trip (I'll be back in RVA tomorrow), I got a chance to walk around my old Brooklyn neighborhood yesterday evening during sunset. This view of the Freedom Tower off in the skyline didn't exist when I was living up here, making this same trek everyday since it was under construction at the time. It was such a welcome reminder of how things evolve and progress.

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