July 10, 2014

Over on eHow: DIY Magnetic Spice Storage Tins

With all the cooking that goes on around here, we’re always stocking up on kitchen spices — Hungarian paprika and Old Bay seasoning ranking higher among the bunch. Once emptied, instead of tossing the tins...

We ended up repurposing these graphic beauties into magnetic storage organizers to help tame the kitchen clutter, and we're sharing the full step-by-step process in our latest project post over on eHow.

I even drilled a hole in one side of the paprika tin to make a homemade kitchen twine dispenser. Now we can just pull what we need and cut instead of sifting through the endless dark abyss that has become our junk drawer (please tell me everyone has a scary junk drawer they toss lots of things in and hate having to sift through to actually find those things again):

Instead of attaching them to the side of our fridge, we actually have them hanging out on the side of our metal locker console in the kitchen.

Our little storage tins have quickly become our favorite new magnets in the kitchen. Learn how to make a few of your own right here, on eHow.

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  1. Hi, Its a rainy day here in Newcastle Australia, and I wanted to find information on propagating rosemary cuttings, I was tempted to look at your site. I haven't learnt yet about rosemary but, I am really impressed with the magnetic spice tins. Very cleaver thinking. recycle, reuse, repair. Denise Sims Oz

    1. Well hello in Australia! So glad you checked in and like the spice tins, these have been a lot of fun. If you haven't found it already, you can learn all about our own experience and success with rooting rosemary cuttings in this post: http://www.17apart.com/2013/03/how-to-propagate-regrow-rosemary.html

      Good luck!


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