July 23, 2014

How To: DIY Mason Jar Match Holder

Yesterday we shared the first big updates we've made to the 1976 Airstream camper renovation project we've got going on. Today, while we've got camping on the brain, we thought it would be fun and to share the simple DIY project we made as a camper housewarming gift (glampwarming gift?) for Josiah and Jocelyn — this portable mason jar match holder.

We'd seen the idea in different forms on Pinterest and thought it'd make such a fun addition to have on hand in the camper. The lid has a sandpaper top, making it easy to light up strike-anywhere matches as needed — whether it be for a bonfire, hike or candles.

The project is super simple to make and only requires a small mason jar, square of sandpaper slightly larger than the jar lid and a handful of strike-anywhere matches. We used a Kerr wide mouth half pint size jar since it's just short enough to store the matches compactly, but any jar you have on hand will work.

To make the sandpaper lid, untwist the lidded jar, separating the band and lid. Trace lid overtop sandpaper square and cut out the circle:

Sandwich the sandpaper circle between the jar band and lid to create a sturdy, strikable lidded surface:

Fill the jar with strike-anywhere matches, match faces down, then seal with the lid and give the jar a gentle shake so matches fall in alignment with one another.

That's it! I told you this project was simple — now the real question is, who's ready for s'mores?

Note: If you have trouble finding strike-anywhere matches locally, we've had luck getting bulk boxes, like these, online.

Outside of campers, these little jars could make for a useful addition to your beach cottage or river house and a fun DIY favor to offer guests at a forest or camp style wedding.

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