July 18, 2014

Blogiversary Q&A: Your Burning Questions

It's that time again — our 3 year blogiversary (blog launch anniversary) is coming up next Thursday and just as we've done over the past 2 years, we'll be stepping down off the soap box to open up the forum to all of your burning questions.

 Both images by Tori Watson, Marvelous Things Photography

To give a little background, over the past 3 years, we've celebrated our "blogging anniversary" by posting a roundup of your questions (that we gather from this pre-anniversary post) and try to answer as best we can. We can tend to get wrapped up in the day-to-day, so it's fun for us to hear what you're wondering about, be it a project we forgot to give an update on, something as simple as which ice cream flavor is Mary's favorite (she's got an opinion!), or if we're willing to share some of our favorite outtakes from our engagement shoot...

I guess we just spilled the beans on that last one, ha!

For context, ideas and a little fun trip down memory lane, you can see past blogiversary Q&A's here, from last year's 2 year blogiversary and our very first blog Q&A from 2012, here. A lot has changed and evolved since launching the blog almost 3 years ago, and it's always so interesting to be able to look back at where we were then, realizing just how far we've come in a short time. Life works in mysterious ways, and then keeps on pushing. One thing has remained the same — we're so thankful to have built up this crazy way to document the things that are important to us and are even more appreciative that you care to come check in on us!

To that end, in blogiversary tradition, we'd love to know...

What would you like to know?

Maybe you are curious about what we've got planned for Basil's 4th birthday, what it's like now that Stephanie's living with us, or have questions about blogging or photography — whatever burning questions you've got, now's the chance to ask away. This is also our chance to ask what you like about the blog and what you'd like to see more of or less of? And no, every post cannot be about Basil...

Feel free to send us questions by commenting on this post, leaving us a note on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram — and if you'd prefer, feel free to shoot us an email with your questions and we'll post them anonymously for you. We'll gather each of your questions over the next several days, put on our best "answering caps" and post the full Q&A roundup here on the blog next Thursday!

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P.S. The photos from today's post were a couple of hidden gems from our engagement shoot last spring and we thought they'd be fun to pull out from the archive and share. Each of the images were captured by Tori Watson, our talented wedding photographer — see more shots from the full engagement shoot day right here!

P.P.S. Monica, we can't wait to hear what burning question you have for us this year!


  1. Mary, as someone who is dating someone with kids (his are little though, under 8 years old). How is it to be married to someone with kids? Was it hard for you to get used to dating someone with kids at first?

  2. hahaha that made me laugh! I do have two questions for you....

    1. do you pronounce Basil's breed with a v or w?

    2. are there any foods which either of you can not stand to eat/cook?

    ok one more :)

    3. If you could choose to travel to one destination (based on food offered there) where would it be?

  3. Oh my! I have been through 3 cycles of these now :) How time flies!

  4. My question is: What time do you wake up\what are your techniques to be able to jam so much into your weekends? Sometimes you seem to have painted a room, hosted parties and still had time for a yard sale or checking out an eatery!


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