May 15, 2014

Over on eHow: Restore & Seasoning Cast Iron Skillets

Mary and I love a good vintage find — especially when we come across a diamond in the rough with hidden potential. One trick we've picked up along the way is a fail-proof method for restoring cast iron cookware to its original glory using little more than the self-cleaning setting on our oven. We've detailed out the step-by-step process in our latest guest post for eHow today.

It all started when we scooped up this overlooked stack of rusty, grimy skillets the average treasure hunter might consider past their prime:

Would you believe the beautifully restored and seasoned pan below came from the same set of rusty old pans above? We never get tired of seeing just how well these classic pieces of cookware come back to life:

Cooking with cast iron is one of my all time favorite tools in the kitchen. They have this unbeatable ability of distributing even heat, producing a consistent dish every single time — plus they just give off a rustic vibe that I love. Check this iron-skillet steak with thyme butter!

Find our full step-by-step method for restoring and seasoning the worst of the worst rusty old cast iron pans featured over on eHow, right here. We'd love to know if you give it a try!

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