April 10, 2014

Over on eHow: Natural Easter Egg Dyes & Decorating

This past Saturday we rolled up our sleeves, raided the fridge and pantry, and got busy dyeing eggs for Easter with completely natural ingredients. We love how they turned out and you can find the full DIY tutorial featured over on eHow today right here.

You might recall we've delved into the world of natural egg dye recipes before, but this time I came up with a modified method for achieving the same results with drastically less kitchen tools and overall mess.

After the dyeing process, Mary put together some of these adorable "nested" place settings for an Easter themed tablescape:

With a dozen eggs and completely natural ingredients we foraged from our kitchen, we couldn't be more pleased with the beautiful and rustic shades that resulted on our eggs and overall decor. Check out the full project featured over on eHow right here.

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  1. I love this blog post since I'm always trying to finding more natural ways of doing things. I never thought of trying turmeric, but this Easter I think I will! The colors end up looking so happy and soft. The arrangement at the end with the nest and moss was also very beautiful, it reminded me of a woodland tea!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi there TIm and Mary, great post as usual. I was inspired to go find a clipping I had from ages ago when I saw you guys dying eggs. I found my old magazine clipping this weekend so I thought I'd share. May I suggest for green color, the article I clipped suggested using some chlorophyll capsules (available at vitamin or health food stores). I haven't ever tried chlorophyll capsules so I'm going to try to remember to grab some sometime and let you know how I fare. By the way, their pink came from beets, their yellow came from turmeric/curry powder, and their blue came from blueberries. I love that peach color you ended up with. *smiles*

  3. Love the natural dye tutorial. Thanks for sharing these!


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