March 17, 2014

Weekend Basics

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Are you wearing your green today or did you celebrate over the weekend? Tim made corned beef and swiss sandwiches as an homage for dinner last night and if you're in a cooking mood, he's got a roundup of recipes fit for a St. Patty's Day feast published over on the Lot18 blog right here.

Speaking of spring celebrations, it's snowing here in Richmond. Womp womp...

While we love the beauty of the snow, we couldn't be more ready for warmer weather and it feels like these colder days are dragging on and on. We'd originally planned to continue with our plans for spring planting from last weekend around the yard, but when we heard the forecast for this week's snow we decided it would be best to hold off another week until it passes through. Instead, I tried dragging the empty planters around our back patio area, trying to configure little clusters that will work for growing within the space:

We did make it out to take care of a few errands including stopping into one of Tim's old Southside stomping grounds, Packard's Stamps and Rocks:

It's a shop for, you guessed it — collectible postage stamps and all sorts of rocks, minerals and artifacts. The shop has been here in Richmond for over 50 years. I'd never heard of it, but Tim told me he used to ride his bike there as a kid to pick out different postage stamps to add to his collection. I had to laugh at the thought that my early 1990's puffy sticker collection must have been the equivalent to his late 1970's stamp collection.

We needed to pick up some natural rocks and crystals for a project idea we've been thinking up, and Tim said he knew just the local place. Walking into Packard's was like entering a time warp (in the best possible way) where everything seemed to be laid out exactly the way it always had been, probably since the store opened. We had fun looking around and ended up picking out some stones that were perfect for our project (more on that later). If you're local to the area, maybe you already know about Packard's — if not, it's a fun stop to add to your list!

In other news, Basil met a new "friend" on our daily walk this weekend:

It's always funny to us how long both Basil and the cats will stand in silence, in a staring match before walking away.

Sunday we took a lazy day and watched both the VCU/Hawks and UVA/Duke NCAA basketball games.

As you may know, Tim's a sports fan no matter the season, but I get excited when March Madness rolls around. Tonight we'll probably be in separate corners of the house filling out our brackets (Tim has a strict no-collaboration rule). Here's hoping the Rams make it all the way this year!

We've also been hunkering down a bit in anticipation of our newest family member's arrival. My sister's due date is actually today and we can't wait to meet our newest niece, Chelsea-Rose!

How was your weekend? Is the weather starting to give a little or are we way behind?

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  1. I've always wondered about that shop… giggling over the thought of them selling neither rocks or stamps. I'll have to stop the next time I'm in the area. Go RAMS!!


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