March 29, 2014

Fun Brunch Idea: Bunny Bottom Pancakes

We were lucky enough to help watch my sister's kids for a while this past week after meeting our newest niece and as a special breakfast to wake up to, Tim whipped together some fun animal pancakes for Sophia, who was staying with us overnight.

When looking for fun ideas to do with kids, I stumbled across the idea for the "bunny bums" on Pinterest, originally from this blog, and thought they'd be cute since Easter's right around the corner. Tim came up with a happy-faced bear grinning with chocolate chip teeth:

After a few dollops of freshly whipped cream, we were in business:

With the help of some blueberries and a couple banana slices, we had quite the visual feast:

The best part of making these treats was the look of delight on Sophia's face when Tim served up the chocolate chip bear:

In all honesty, they were a bit of a treat for us too. You wouldn't normally see pancakes grace our breakfast table, so we all got to be a little spoiled that morning.

The possibilities for creative animal pancakes like these are endless. Here are a few more favorite ideas I came across on Pinterest that use simple pancake circles and fruit:

How cute are these? Did you grow up with special pancakes or make different shapes for your children? My parents used to make Mickey mouse shapes, letting us douse them in sprinkles before flipping them over in the pan. Funny how those memories tend to stick.

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  1. One of the coolest parties I've thrown was a pancake party. I did stacks (and stacks.. and stacks.. and STACKS) of regular and blueberry pancakes. Everyone loves pancakes!

  2. Oh dear this is just perfect! I love your bunny butt pancakes. I hope you don't mind I've just linked your post over at my blog. I've written a little easter round up :)


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