February 10, 2014

Weekend Basics

We started out the weekend with a coffee tasting at Harvest Grocery. We continue to enjoy watching this grocery store evolve with new offerings and grow into our neighborhood. Stephen Robertson of Blanchard's roasting company (one of our favorites) was in the shop tasting some of their newest blends using the pour-over brewing method...

We'd never tried coffee prepared in this way, so it was a fun new experience. Stephen even makes the stands for this type of brewing out of reclaimed materials — check them out on Etsy here.

Speaking of Etsy, Saturday afternoon we had a blast stopping by the Valentine's pop-up shop at La Difference. Viva La Local hosted an incredible event, showcasing over 25 local Richmond Etsy shops.

We had a great time getting to see familiar faces and actually meet other friends we've made online over the years face to face. It's funny how the internet can create a network of friends you've never actually met in person, but feel a kinship with — and it was just as exciting to put faces to many of the Etsy shops I'm so familiar with online.

We even had a go at the photo-booth:

After a jam-packed Saturday, we hit the road in the wee Sunday morning hours to head up to NYC for the week ahead. We spent the day yesterday getting settled in and made it out into the cold to mosey around one of our favorite places for inspiration — ABC Carpet & Home:

All of the vintage displays and unique finds in this place are so well done — plus there's probably around 7 floors to peruse. It's definitely a good way to spend an afternoon. While in Union Square, we hit up Republic (one of our favorite NYC lunch spots) for big bowls of brothy noodles to warm us up.

We don't have any major bucket list plans to knock of the list this week, but are excited to be back in the city, especially with so much beautiful snow on the ground.

When we get home, another unexpected "project" will need attending to:

Just before packing up, we realized the sink disposal just might be on its last leg. Whomp whomp... The good news is, I know a pretty good (not to mention, handsome) handyman. Also, we've done a pretty stellar job keeping everything in place under that sink since this little organizational update.

How was your weekend?


  1. Mary, it's posts like this that make me wish I lived closer to the city and not so far out in the country. But since I do live out in the country, 20 minutes from a little gas station, 30 minutes from a town with a stop light, I will continue to enjoy your wonderful posts. Love all the pics you share, too!


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