February 12, 2014

Valentine's Pets: DIY Natural Frozen Dog Treats

In honor of Valentine's Day and our favorite four-legged family member, we pulled out the heart-shaped ice tray again this year to whip up some super simple and natural frozen treats. Peanut butter and Greek yogurt are some of Basil's favorite goodies, so we came up with this fun twist on the frosty paws recipe we like to make for him. What's great about these treats is how simple they are to make and store. They require minimal and completely natural ingredients, can be made in large batches to store in a freezer bag.

For those unfamiliar, a frozen dog treat might sound a little odd. We've found that Basil loves cold treats and when frozen, they take a little longer for our big guy to enjoy. Our doggie daycare actually tipped us off to their age old trick of putting a peanut butter stuffed kong toy in the freezer to make it last twice as long.

You'll need plain organic Greek yogurt, natural peanut butter, a heart shaped ice tray (really any ice tray will do, we got ours from Ikea) and a spoon. Also — can anyone tell me exactly how Basil knows every time we're getting ready to make something especially for him? It's like his spidey canine senses kick in and he beelines for the kitchen:

Spoon a small amount of peanut butter into the base of the ice tray. You can heat up the peanut butter first to make it easier (and not so messy) to spoon in. The more you add, the thicker the top layer on the treats will appear. You can play around with different amounts to get varying final results:

Next up, dollop heaping spoonfuls of the yogurt to cover the peanut butter in each mold:

Press yogurt down into the molds using the back of your spoon to make sure they're packed. This will help seal the peanut butter and yogurt together in the final treat. You can even gently "drop" the tray a few times in order to encourage further settling. If you have excess yogurt in any of the molds, gently scoop away until level with mold and pop into the freezer for at least 4 hours:

Once frozen, remove tray and pop out individual frozen treats — voila!

I love how the peanut butter layer adds some dimension and depth without looking perfect.

Somebody couldn't wait to give them a try:

He definitely felt the love and has been enjoying these bite sized treats. You could easily change things up by layering in more of your pup's favorite ingredients, like the crushed up dog treats or even oatmeal.

And for anyone wondering — while we made these for use as pet treats, they could easily make for a protein-packed people snack. Sweeten them up by tossing a few in a bowl with drizzled honey:

Yeah, we tried them! Have you been making any special heart-shaped or Valentine's themed treats for your four-legged friends this time of year?

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  1. I don't have a pup, but those certainly look good for me to snack on!

  2. Just saw this today on "craftgawker" and I say "THANKS".
    Our dogs love frosty paws but I think they will like these even more!

  3. I know our dog will just love these. He will go for the PEANUT BUTTER! Now, I just have to find a mold.

  4. Love this! I love making treats for my dog, but don't do it as much as I should because time. Seems like this would really be a quicker way to make him some goodies. He always knows when I'm cooking just for him too...we must put out a vibe they can pick up on. :-)

  5. What a terrific idea! If Sam doesn't like, I think I certainly will. :)

  6. I love these so so much! Needed a cute idea to treat my pup Freddie and he looooved these. I have blogged about using your recipe. Hope you don't mind!

  7. Love this idea! My dog is crazy for peanut butter. I'm sure she'd love these.

  8. I am definitely going to try the peanut butter combo with homemade mesophilic yogurt (Viili) and milk kefir. =) My doggy loves them both, but I think that he leans a little more towards the kefir. I tried the two spoon test and he usually goes for the kefir first. No worries, cause the makes his way to the yogurt.

  9. I just made these! Dog loved them. I would recommend putting the peanut butter in the middle so it comes out easier. My pb ended up sticking to the mold instead of the yogurt. Layer yogurt, pb, yogurt

  10. I was wondering how you guys stored these? Do they stick together when in a freezer bag?

  11. Can you use regular "Peanut Butter" in place of natural kind.


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