February 6, 2014

Update: Our Money Tree, Still Making Money!

We wanted to pop in today with a little update on our money tree. For those following along, we left you hanging after I accidentally snapped off one of the branches and we hastily tried to save it by dipping it in cinnamon as a root stimulator — a tip that came from one of our readers (thanks Gin!).

Well, after 4+ months of hanging out in the planter since our little accident, to our surprise, the original plant and the broken branch both seem to be doing just fine. Really!

We haven't actually pulled on the branch to see if it generated roots, but we would have expected the broken branch to wilt and lose its leaves if it was going to die by now — so we think the cinnamon trick actually worked!

For the full background on this plant (one of our favorites in the house), check out this post from when I brought it home after quitting my corporate job to pursue food writing full time.

Funny enough, after I broke the branch and we both worried the entire plant might die, Mary surprised me with this stained glass money tree leaf she'd had custom made by Brian Western on Etsy in case the tree went off the deep end:

How cool is that?

So that's where we find ourselves in the ongoing saga of our little money tree. It still has a pretty severe lean to the plant — we've angled the branches away from the window to try and get it to naturally straighten without luck. Supports may be in order. Once the weather warms up and we get back into the full swing of spring, we just might try to transplant the second branch into a planter of its own — then we'll really know whether or not it sprouted roots.

We'd love to know, have we been living under a rock — have you heard of this cinnamon trick for stimulating root growth?

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  1. I recently discovered your blog and enjoy all the gardening and DIY posts. Thanks for the tip on cinnamon, will certainly try it.

  2. The ongoing saga is cinnamon sweet...Cheers!

  3. LOVE the stained glass! My coworker just got a money tree and I was incredibly jealous!


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