January 22, 2014

It's a Snow Day (errr, Dog)!

We've got a first snow here in RVA! It came in quickly yesterday in the late afternoon through the evening and the cold temperatures this morning have helped it stick around long enough to enjoy the views of a snow-covered city.

Basil is no stranger to snow — he absolutely loves it, but is always a bit surprised and careful when we open the backdoor to a snow-covered backyard. However gentle he is at first, he quickly warms up to the joys of playing in the snow:

Snow on the nose gets me every time:

It's funny how much joy this furry guy brings us.

How about you? Do your pets love the snow or act surprised when trotting outside to find it covering the ground? For some reason, it just never gets old.

1 comment

  1. I remember as a child our dog was a bit careful at first but after that one "sniff" she went along like nothing new..but you should see my youngest son he has the biggest eyes and the biggest smile when he sees the first snow(and he turns 3 soon)..


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