October 28, 2013

Weekend Basics

Our weekend was one of those amazingly jam-packed few days filled with fun fall events and activities. We actually made it a long weekend and kicked it off on Friday by spending time at a local pumpkin patch with family, including these three little wigglers:

We'll detail more of the fun from the pumpkin patch in another post, but who can resist three little ones in a wheelbarrow?

Saturday we walked over to the Boulevard Pumpkin Festival where we were excited to help volunteer for the Richmond Food Co-op:

It's the first time this stretch of the Boulevard has been shut down and we're looking forward to this event becoming an annual fall celebration since it's within walking distance from our home.

It was amazing to see this stretch of street lined with local food tents, great music and plenty to do for kids.


We also made many new friends of the four-legged variety (shhhhh... Basil does not read our blog on a regular basis). This little guy's name was Finn and he made our arguments for not looking into getting a second dog that much harder:

Sunday we headed out near Ashland, VA to attend and volunteer at the first annual Belmont Butchery "Beast Feast," an outdoor dining event celebrating the butcher shop's anniversary and benefiting Scotchtown, Patrick Henry’s former home:

I signed up to help shuck oysters for the event — they were Rappahanock River oysters (our favorites) and I ended up shucking nearly 4 bushels in the span of two hours. Richmond knows how to eat oysters on the half shell! I'll be detailing out more of our adventures from this awesome event over on E.A.T. later in the week, so keep an eye out!

And before I forget, we also found a rug!

We'd (Mary especially) been on the hunt for a rug fitting our dining room. It needed to be big (9x12) and we wanted something a little old world feeling. Well, we finally found it at the Libby Hill community sale happening up on Church Hill yesterday morning and can't wait to unroll it in the space. You can bet we'll have more details as we make a little more progress.

And finally, we leave you with a beautiful picture of RVA from up on the hill and we hope you are having a great start to your week!


  1. Did you make it out to Sub Rosa's screen door sale at Dutch & Co.?

    1. Well we forgot about the Libbie sale and did not get there until after 11:00 and we had to be at Beast Feast in Ashland by 1:0 so our bad! It is definitely on the list. And those Banh Mi hot dogs from the other week looked amazing!


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