October 7, 2013

Weekend Basics

It was one of those weird weekends where we reached 90 degrees on Saturday and Sunday in the midst of October. Despite the heat, we ventured out to watch our niece, Caitlyn, play in two back to back softball games. We had to leave early in order to make it in time for the surprise 60th birthday party for one my previous coworkers, but she played amazingly while we were there! As life would have it, right after we left we heard she pitched a shut out inning and drove in 2 runs with a ball hit to the fence. You go, girl!

On the project front, we made progress on updating the light fixture we took down 2 weeks ago, and made headway on a couple of others that involved gold doilies and our old faithful — Krylon Looking Glass Spray:

More on each of these to come!

You can really tell we're getting closer to Halloween here in Richmond. Each walk we take, we look forward to seeing the new decorations that get put up. On a recent walk, we came across these dapper weim statues fitted with black glittery hats:

We thought it would be funny to get Basil to sit in between them for a photo-op, but thought the awkwardness of the homeowner walking out to see what was up outweighed our desire to actually do it.

Speaking of walking through the neighborhood, we finally got a chance to walk through the old GRTC bus warehouses to see the most recent city murals from the RVA Street Art Festival.

After grabbing a cup of coffee and breakfast at one of favorite neighborhood spots, Lamplighter, we walked a couple blocks over to get closer look at all the art:

Mary's favorite was this giant mermaid mural and I was fond of the bees riding bikes above.

And last but certainly not least, I decided it was time for a little "update" of my own:

I've been telling Mary I've been thinking about shaving the beard, but walked downstairs where she and Basil were hanging out to a look of complete shock on both of their faces, ha. She asked me what I did with the man she married.

I'm not sure how long the completely smooth look will stick around, but I'm digging the lighter feeling for right now.


  1. Congrats to your niece!

    Those dog statues are fantastic especially with the hats! You should definitely ask if you could take a photo with Basil in the middle.

    Love your new look!

  2. Smoothe is definitely s-m-o-o-t-h-e !


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