September 30, 2013

Weekend Basics

The weekend got an an early start for Tim — last Friday he spent some time back at Lockhart Family Farm learning more about bees and different practices around beekeeping. We'd first visited the farm for a community dinner back in August and after keeping in touch about the right timing to learn more about the bees, Tim was excited to go back:

Yes ladies, this man belongs to me. He'll be excited to share more from the farm visit soon.

We took Basil on an early Saturday walk around the neighborhood. We live very close to the Children's Museum of Richmond, where the old Interbake Foods factory has been sitting like an empty shell for almost 10 years:

The building used to be used for producing Girl Scout Cookies among other packaged and baked goods back in the day. Since the building was recently auctioned off, there have been some major development plans for the building unfolding for mixed use apartments and retail.

We have fun passing by the building and watching the transformation take place: 

It will be fun to watch this space continue to develop — we are excited for the change and eager to see what it brings to the neighborhood. We are personally hoping for a rooftop or terrace restaurant open to the public!

This weekend centered around a lot of antiquing for us, actually. We've had a lot of luck at estate sales lately, so I'd bookmarked a few we wanted to hit on Sunday after taking a look at what was going on locally.

One of the sales was listed as Saturday only, so we decided to check it out even though we prefer to hit up these type of sales on Sundays when you can typically get a 50% or more discount on all remaining goods. As we pulled up, we realized this sale was in an auction format, something we are completely unfamiliar with. Checking my iPhone, I realized I'd bookmarked an auction sale. We were both initially intimated by the live auction since it's something we'd never participated in before (other than watching Storage Wars or bidding on Ebay), but at the last minute we decided it could still be fun to look around and maybe we'd learn something new.

Learn something new, we did:

The entire sale was set up like an outdoor estate/yard sale, but the auctioneer went through every piece, one by one, as the audience members bid on what they wanted. It was both a cool and frustrating process for us in that it was so cool to see how some things would go for top dollar and others would go by for a steal. The frustrating part was the sheer amount of things they needed to go through — we ended up leaving before the auction was completely over about 2 1/2 hours in. We did end up bidding on quite a few items and ended up leaving with 2. I have to admit, watching Tim raise our numbered piece of paper while in the middle of a bid was a fun sight to see.

We hit up Sugar Shack for donuts before hitting up 3 estate sales we'd been eyeing for yesterday morning. You know, to give us that extra fuel (who are we kidding). There's nothing quite like a maple glazed donut with thick slices of bacon on top.

Holy Moly. Yes, it was as good as it looks.

So, about those estate sales. There was a popular theme this weekend — creatures of all kinds!

We ended up with a Hubley Boston Terrier doorstop, a John Cooper & Sons taxidermy fish from the Saturday auction and a set of 4 adorable little glass hen on egg basket dishes.

Basil investigated the figural Boston Terrier a little harder than the rest:

Speaking of Basil — he clocked in some good trail time this weekend. We love when we can take him to open woods where he can run off leash and really thrive. This is a shot of him intent on chasing after a stick Tim is about to toss:

We sure hope you are enjoying this last day of September wherever you may be. It's hard for us to believe that October is coming around again already, but I'm truly a fall baby, so it's a welcome seasonal change in our book.

P.S. No Spoilers! Did you watch the season finale of Breaking Bad last night? We did, and while we're so sad to see this show come to an end, it was almost a relief, and we do feel like they provided adequate closure. Next up, we've got season 2 of Homeland all queued up in the Netflix list.

P.P.S. 10 DIY holiday projects using wine corks.

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