September 23, 2013

Weekend Basics

We spent a lot of time outdoors for this first official weekend in autumn. First up, we went to see our niece, Virginia, play a soccer game. There aren't many things cuter than watching a group of 4 years olds run around in full soccer gear...

We hung out on the sidelines and played with Benjamin and Sophia:

Sophia had her own little soccer ball and just might be the next player in training. It's hard to believe how big she is getting:


When the game was over, all the kids wanted to be picked up by Aunt Mary:

I think she delivered like a champ — especially with the added degree of difficulty that comes with having your eyes completely covered by your nephew.

In other news, the official start to autumn means it's time for pumpkins!

We couldn't help but pick up a few pie pumpkins while out and about this weekend — they really do make you feel like the new season is here. Here is what we have done with pumpkins in the past. What do we have up our sleeves this year —we shall see!

It's also apple season!

If you know us, you know we love apple season — especially getting to cook with them. I turned the above batch of gala apples into several jars of fresh applesauce, perfect for fall. Look out for the recipe, which is surprisingly simple, over on the Relay Foods blog this week.

In terms of projects, we knocked out organizing and putting away our new collection of mismatched silverplate flatware and got started on updating the light fixture in our bedroom:

Removing and updating the fixture has been on our list of things to do since we moved in almost 2 years ago, but like many things just got put on the back burner until the right time struck. We'll keep you posted on how updating this guy goes over the next week or two.

We also got out and cleaned up the backyard. It's always amazing to me how a few snips with the trimmers, some good weeding and a good raking can transform your space:

Don't worry, our supervisor kept a watchful eye to ensure quality control:

And to wrap things up, here's your seasonal reminder to change out those air filters guys — yuck!

We try to swap them out with the change in seasons, so if you're on our same schedule — it's time!

P.S. We just downloaded iOS 7 for our iPhones this weekend and are still getting used to it. Loving the new quick swipe for the camera from the home screen — what are your tips for iOS 7? Any roadblocks you've uncovered we should look out for?

P.P.S. There's still time to enter our giveaway for these stunning Moonwish Jewels earrings.

P.P.P.S. Mary wants to know if you watched the Emmy's with her last night? I watched the "Ugh" Steelers go to 0-3. Tough being a Steeler fan this year!


  1. iOS 7 - I was going crazy without the time stamps for the texts, but I found out this weekend if you slide the text screen to the left all the time stamps will appear :)

    1. We have certainly stumbled a bit! Overall we are liking it though!

  2. What the?? You only change you filters every season? The HVAC guy told me every three months!

    1. Kind of like the old change your oil at 3500 miles. I do it every 5k. Also we typically have our AC/Heat off 2 months out of the year so since seasons change every 4 we feel that is just any easy reminder to do it when the season changes.

  3. i love the look on basil. that face is priceless.

    1. Yes, you would have thought he was advertising for the SPCA not reminding you to change your filters!

  4. actually he looks like he's saying "DUH"!


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