July 29, 2013

Weekend Basics

I made it safely back from a great week in Hudson, NY late Thursday and am looking forward to sharing a little recap with some of my favorite photos from the trip here on the blog tomorrow. 

Friday we were excited to check out the new shared workspace of GrowRVA, King of Pops and Pickled Silly at an open housewarming they hosted show to off the space — all local companies and people we couldn't be more excited about:

King of Pops was serving up boozy popsicles (I had a salted caramel pop with rum — amazing!) and we got a chance to learn even more about the magic that goes on behind the scenes with some of our favorite Market vendors. We even got a chance to bump into a few local internet faces we hadn't yet met in person, like Farmer Russell:

Photo by Mary Delicate

It was a good time all around and we left with a FeedRVA seed bomb for our own garden:

We'd walked over to the housewarming, and were eager to have dinner at the newly opened En Su Boca taqueria and cantina we've been waiting to open for months now:

This place is blocks away from where we live, so we knew it could potentially be dangerous for us — but when we tried the chorizo and fish tacos, we knew we were in for it from here on out:

The place was packed since it was opening week, but the service and food were both rockstar. It's definitely a welcome addition to the neighborhood we'll be opting for frequently!

Basil also had a little visitor this weekend:

This is Winston, Brandon & Stephanie's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who we were lucky enough to host this weekend. It's been hilarious watching the two of them interact and of course makes Tim and I think about getting a second dog. For now, we're just happy to have a four-legged house guest, but it's fun to think about!

Here's the other end(s) of this adorable pair:

On the DIY front, we're still plugging along on the locker console project. Here's Tim loading up the slabs of wood we picked out at the hardware store to work with:

We were able to stain and seal the wood and can't wait to share the progress on this particular project later in the week.

Watermelon was one of the biggest stars of our weekend — such a cool treat in the summer:

Aside from eating copious amounts of melon chunks, we worked this guy into a few recipes we'll look forward to sharing soon.

And while on the food front, those Hungarian sour pickles Tim was working on from last weekend did their thing over the past week. You can tell they are ready when the bubbles subside and the liquid turned cloudy, like so:

Yes, we weighted them down using a plate and a little planter of mint you might recognize. The pickles turned out well, though Tim still thinks there's room to improve. Maybe a little more dill next time — there's always next year before getting the full thumbs up from Granny!

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